Leica GMX902 Monitoring prijemnici

Leica Geosystems Monitoring rešenja

Leica GMX902 monitoring receivers

Leica GMX902 Series is the first series of high-precision, multi-frequency GNSS receivers designed specifically for monitoring projects. Important objects such as bridges, dams, embankments and buildings can be permanently monitored for the purpose of detecting the slightest movements that could endanger them.

Within the GMX902 series, two models are available - GMX902 GG and GMX902 GNSS. The GMX902 GG provides accurate tracking of GPS / GLONASS L1 / L2 frequencies up to 20 Hz. The GMX902 GNSS additionally supports GPS L5 and Galileo L1 / E5a / E5b / E5a + b (AltBOC) and has a speed of up to 50 Hz.

Special purpose
GMX902 Series is designed and built for real-time monitoring projects. The key characteristics of the GMX900 family are low consumption (only 1.7W), high quality measurement, simplicity, reliability and durability. The GMX902 series has a robust metal casing that is extremely resistant to moisture, heat, cold and vibrations that can be easily mounted on different objects.

Integrated solution
GMX902 GNSS integrates easily with the Leica GNSS Spider software for calculating coordinates and storage of raw data, while Leica GeoMoS or Leica SpiderQC monitoring software provides advanced analysis and data processing, scaling analysis, data archiving, tolerance checking, sending notifications and combining with other sensors.

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